Watch seller held for trying to bottle ‘bottoms up’ Brit


A counterfeit watch vendor was detained after allegedly trying to attack a drunk tourist who expressed his opinion of the timepieces by mooning him.

A boisterous Anan Kuanthai, 24, was hauled away to Pattaya Police Station March 23 following the incident at the Genie Bar in central Pattaya. He was questioned on both selling trademark-infringing copies and his altercation with the foreigner, who had left the bar before police arrived.

Police detain the fake goods vendor for attempting to harm a tourist.

Witnesses said Anan had approached the tourist to sell a fake watch and the visitor had showed interest, even trying one on. But realizing the copy would likely last a week and turn his wrist green, he declined to buy any.

Anan wouldn’t take no for an answer, continuing to pester the brew-laden Briton. At that point, the foreign man got up, dropped his pants and showed the watch seller the end of the conversation.

The watch seller was none too pleased and tried to bottle the Brit, but was held back by other patrons. The potential victim said “bottoms up”, paid his bill and left.