Housekeeper injured in fall down Pattaya hotel elevator shaft

Rescue workers give emergency medical treatment to Daengtoy in the elevator shaft into which she fell after cleaning the 4th floor.

Rescue workers rushed to a hotel on Bay Walk in South Pattaya to rescue a woman who had fallen 2 floors down an elevator shaft landing on top of the elevator carriage.
The accident happened on Sept 2 when the hotel’s housemaid 57-year-old Mrs. Daengtoy Makkun having finished cleaning the 4th floor wanted to bring the garbage down to the ground floor by using the elevator, which she has been doing for the past 10 years.

The age and make of the elevator of the 6 storied, 84-room hotel is such that the door had to be manually opened and closed, so there was always a risk of a person stepping into a void if the elevator was not parked at that particular floor.
This is exactly what happened on that fateful day when Daengtoy casually stepped into what she thought was the carriage only to realise too late that it was not there, but had stopped 2 floors below.

The ill-fated hotel maid is rushed to a hospital after her rescue from the hotel elevator shaft.

Rescue workers climbed down the shaft to rescue the hapless woman who suffered serious injuries to her head and body and was bleeding profusely. It took about 30 minutes to bring the injured person up and out of the shaft and rushed to a hospital where was reported to be safe and recovering from her traumatic ordeal.