Hostile vagabonds threaten vendor livelihoods in east Pattaya

Residents and vendors at Rattanakorn Market feel threatened by hostile vagabonds who walk around the market making aggressive gestures and harassing market vendors, not to mention dumping trash in the street.

Residents and vendors at Rattanakorn Market, in Soi Khao Talo, east Pattaya, are deeply concerned about the persistent disturbances caused by vagabonds. These individuals have been displaying disruptive behavior, shouting loudly, and carelessly dumping trash in the street. These actions have created an unpleasant and uncomfortable environment for both local residents and visitors. The situation took a more troubling turn when the vagabonds started to make  threats and harass the market vendors, instilling fear among the local vendors.

In response, Pattaya City Hall deployed a team of officials on September 3 to apprehend those responsible for these errant behaviors. The delinquent people will be handed over to the relevant government agencies for appropriate legal action.

These incidents shed light on a growing issue in Pattaya, where disturbances by individuals, often identified as homeless, have become increasingly commonplace. Regrettably, even when these individuals are detained, they frequently manage to evade authorities, leading to a cycle of recurring disruptive activities. Consequently, there is an urgent and pressing need for coordinated and determined efforts by local authorities and the community to mitigate these hostile tramps and ensure a safe and peaceful environment for both residents and tourists in Pattaya.