Hit-and-run driver injures 6 at Central Pattaya-Third Road intersection

The scene of the crash at the intersection of Third Road and Central where an Isuzu pickup truck rammed a car which hit many motorcycles at the traffic lights injuring 5 people.

A half-dozen people were hurt when a hit-and-run driver crashed into a car and rebounded into motorcycles stopped at a traffic light.

The driver of the offending Isuzu D-Max fled the scene on foot after the April 16 midnight crash on the corner of Third Road and Central Road.

The truck initially collided with a Toyota Yaris, which careened into an electricity pole. The unidentified driver was injured and stuck inside the vehicle until freed by rescuers.

Five other motorcyclists also suffered injuries after the D-Max rebounded off the Yaris into the intersection. All the bikes were waiting at the red light.

Police are pursuing the hit-and-run driver.

Two women were among the many injured people on motorbikes hit by the car which was rammed by a pickup truck at the intersection.