Heated posts on social media lead to gunfight in south Pattaya

Bandit Kerdthong received a critical gunshot wound to the neck and was rushed to Bangkok Pattaya Hospital.

An attempt to clear up a misunderstanding between two friends ended up in a gunfight in Huay Yai sub-district south of Pattaya.

Witnesses at the scene of the shootout told reporters that Bandit Kerdthong, 32 and another man identified only as “Un” are the best of friends, but had a major misunderstanding which caused both parties to start writings insults to each other on social media.

Relatives and friends asked a village elder to mediate and help bring peace between the conflicting parties.

A meeting was arranged at Ban Huay Kwang M.7 in Huay Yai sub-district on May 9. Unfortunately during the peace conference things heated up again causing both men to pull out their guns and fire at each other.

“Un” was hit in the shoulder while Bandit suffered a severe gunshot wound to the neck.
Bystanders at the gunfight sent “Un” to Queen Sirikit Hospital in Sattahip, while Bandit was rushed to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. At last report he was in serious condition.

Police say that they know the true identity of “Un” and will bring him in for questioning soon.

No one would reveal the reason for the altercation between the two friends that triggered the gunfight at “OK Huay Kwang”.