Haunted dolls take over ‘ghost town’ Pattaya

“Chucky” turned up on Walking Street.

Pattaya’s empty streets are spooky enough at night, but doubly so when people start placing horror-movie dolls at various landmarks.

Operators of the “Trip Dolls” Facebook page illustrated how much of a ghost town Pattaya has become by photographing dolls from the films “Annabelle” and “Child’s Play” under the Walking Street arch, in front of the Pattaya City sign, on the beach and elsewhere.

“Chucky” gets comfortable at Pattaya’s tour bus terminal.Not everyone enjoyed the joke.

A smattering of Pattaya residents and online commenters complained that the photographer was having fun at the expense of people suffering economic hardship, or was adding “insult to injury.”

Those not taking themselves so seriously appreciated the artistic take on the current Covid-19 shutdown, which saw the murderously possessed “Chucky” doll waiting at the Pattaya Railway station and bus stops.

“Annabelle” relaxes at night on Pattaya Beach.
“Annabelle” invites one and all to come to Pattaya Beach.
There is no escaping “Chucky” seen here at Pattaya Railway Station on Soi Siam Country Club.
“Annabelle” on Walking Street – “buy me a drink sailor?”