Harassed Pattaya restaurant employee rescued from high-voltage drama

Sathaphon Srinuanla a.k.a. James climbed onto the high-voltage cables because he was depressed after he quit his job in Pattaya and couldn’t find his friend in Chonburi.

Pattaya, Thailand – Authorities responded to a distress call reporting a man on the roof of a building in the Soi Diamond neighbourhood in Chonburi. The 24-year-old man calling himself James, climbed onto a high-voltage power line, on September 28, sparking concern among onlookers. Negotiations lasted about an hour, with authorities working to calm James and ensure his safety. Finally, a boom lift was employed to safely bring him down.

James, whose real name is Sathaphon Srinuanla, told rescuers that he came to Chonburi from Phetchabun province seeking employment. Having worked in a South Pattaya restaurant, he claimed harassment by coworkers over his appearance, prompting him to leave his job. He came to Chonburi to look for his friend, but could not find him. In a state of depression he retreated to the rooftop and climbed onto the high-voltage cables. Authorities provided food and water and initiated contact with his friends or relatives for a safe return.