Gun-wielding gangsters inflict reign of terror on Pattaya resort

Police watch a recording made by CCTV cameras looking for clues as to the identity of the gangsters who inflicted a reign of terror at a luxury resort on Jomtien 2nd Road.

Suspected loan sharks went door-to-door looking for a debtor, injured five people and shot out tires of three cars in a reign of terror at a Jomtien Beach resort.

The unidentified gangsters, who easily evaded Pattaya police pursuit and escaped, arrived at the unnamed pool villa on Jomtien 2nd Road with about 20 rooms Oct. 18. One man first showed the receptionist a photo of a man who no one in the office knew.

Unsatisfied with the answer, he was joined by two cohorts, who dragged resort staff door-to-door, checking each room for their target.

Even though the man the hoods were looking for wasn’t present, the gangsters pistol-whipped five staff and guests, leaving them all with bloody head wounds. They then shot out the tires of three Honda Jazz compacts in the parking lot.

Before fleeing, the gangsters threatened to kill the entire families of anyone who reported them to police.
Pattaya police called in Provincial Police Region 2 and Tourist police officers and spread out along escape routes from Jomtien Second Road, but couldn’t find the suspects.

Police speculated that the gangsters were loan-shark enforcers looking for a debtor.
Forensics teams recovered shells, a bullet and other evidence as police continue their investigation.

Pol.Col. Kullachat Kullachai, Pattaya Police Station Superintendent inspects the scene of the crime where gangsters pistol-whipped five staff and guests, before shooting out the tires of 3 cars in the parking lot.