Guests at Pattaya hotel robbed, purse snatched during getaway

Dutchman Christian Fuchs tells police that while he was in the shower thieves came in through the window and stole his money.

Two guests at a Naklua hotel were robbed by thieves that easily escaped on a motorbike.

Dutchman Christian Fuchs, 37, reported to police Nov. 27 that 4,000 baht was taken from his ground-floor room at the unidentified budget hotel on Naklua Soi 20. Thieves came in through a window and the money was lying on a table while Fuchs was in the shower.

Another ground-floor room also had its window pried open, but the room was occupied, so the thieves abandoned their burglary.

The two men weren’t done, however. As they drove out of the parking lot, unmolested by security or police, the pillion passenger snatched the handbag of a guest walking through the parking lot.
Pattaya police are investigating.

A guest tells police that the robbers snatched her purse containing cash and a mobile phone as they sped away from the parking lot of the hotel.