German tourist’s foot impaled in Pattaya beachfront construction site accident

Pattaya rescue volunteers attend to Nils Gleissner, providing crucial first aid after a distressing accident at a beachfront construction site on Pattaya Beach resulted in his foot being impaled by wire mesh.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A German tourist was injured at a beachfront construction site around midnight on January 27. The man identified as Nils Gleissner, 24, stumbled over construction wire mesh, resulting in a foot injury. Eyewitnesses reported that Gleissner was walking along the footpath near the beach when he tripped over construction wire mesh at a point where renovations were underway.

Pattaya rescue volunteers provided initial first aid at the scene before transporting Mr. Gleissner to the hospital for further medical attention. Authorities are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident. The safety measures at the construction site are also under scrutiny to prevent similar incidents in the future.

A dark sidewalk on Pattaya Beach, marred by a dangerous wire mesh. No signs to prevent pedestrians, highlighting the unfortunate incident of a German tourist getting impaled in the foot. Will City Hall take responsibility for this hazardous incident resulting in serious injury?