German, Thai transgender partner busted for meth dealing in Pattaya

Provincial Police Region 2 narcotics officers arrest Haberstroh and Noojit for alleged drug dealing at their home in east Pattaya.

Pattaya-area police arrested a German man and his Thai transgender girlfriend for allegedly selling crystal methamphetamines.

Claus “Mike” Haberstroh, 59, and Panatchai Noojit, 29 of Yasothorn, were taken into custody April 25 at their home on Soi Khao Talo as part of a sting operation by Provincial Police Region 2 narcotics officers.

Undercover agents said they transferred cash to Haberstroh’s bank account to purchase 39.2 grams of crystal meth to be picked up at his East Pattaya house.

Police seized the drugs, mobile phones and other assets worth 300,000 baht.

A retired taxi driver, the German moved to Thailand and met up with his transgender girlfriend, who together entered the drug trade, police said.

Panatchai allegedly confessed that she ordered the drugs from a Thai wife of a Hells Angels motorcycle gang member.

Police seized assets worth 300,000 baht.

Claus Mike Haberstroh and Panatchai or Popo Noojit the alleged drug dealers are in police custody pending further investigation.