Freak thunderstorm causes chaos and injuries on Chonburi road

The catastrophic collapse of the electrify poles resulted in a cascade of debris, crushing two pickup trucks and a car, including the motorcycle ridden by the injured woman, leaving a scene of devastation and chaos in its wake.

CHONBURI, Thailand – A sudden and intense thunderstorm wreaked havoc in Phanat Nikom district of Chonburi on April 15, resulting in a traffic accident on the inbound lane of Phanat Nikhom – Huatanon Road. The calamitous incident occurred when a large tent, propelled by strong winds and heavy rain, was lifted off the ground and became entangled with two electricity poles. The subsequent collapse of the poles onto three cars and one motorcycle caused chaos and injuries.

One female victim suffered head and knee injuries in the accident. Prompt response from rescue personnel and paramedics ensured she received immediate medical attention before being transported to Phanat Nikhom Hospital for urgent care.

Eyewitness Ms. Orasa Nabun recounted the terrifying sequence of events, describing how the powerful winds lifted the tent near a local car dealership, causing it to collide with power lines. The collision resulted in an explosion and a blinding flash of light. The collapse of the electricity poles caused significant damage, crushing several vehicles including the motorcycle ridden by the injured woman, as well as two pickup trucks and a car.

Powerful winds lifted a huge tent, hitting power lines, which triggered an explosion, resulting in the collapse of electricity poles onto passing vehicles.