Belgian tourist injured by wire rope in Pattaya

A rescue team rushed to the scene to aid Mr. Philippe Leoncuan Damme, a 61-year-old Belgian tourist, who was injured after the wire rope pierced through his left wrist and penetrated his palm for nearly 10 centimeters.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A Belgian tourist was injured by a wire rope that pierced through his hand as he stumbled on a sidewalk in Pattaya on Wednesday night. The victim, identified as Mr. Philippe Leoncuan Damme, 61, was rushed to the hospital by a rescue team.

The incident occurred near the traffic police booth at the Grand Condo intersection on Thepprasit-Tappraya Road. According to the rescue team, the wire rope was attached to a power pole and had separate sharp strands that penetrated the victim’s left wrist and palm for nearly 10 centimeters.

Rescuers used a cutting tool to free the victim before transporting him to the hospital. The victim’s condition is unknown. After the incident, the reporter inspected the scene Friday afternoon and found that the wire rope slings earlier seen with separate sharp strands have been tied together into smooth lines, posing no danger to pedestrians.

The incident raises questions about the safety and maintenance of the power poles and wires in the area, which could pose a potential hazard for residents and visitors. The authorities have been urged to take immediate action to fix the problem and prevent further accidents. (TNA)