Foreigner robs Pattaya foreign-exchange booth

A CCTV camera catches the thief red-handed as he reaches into the foreign exchange booth to steal the box containing loose change.

A European thief was caught on CCTV stealing from a foreign-exchange booth on Second Road.

Booth owner Kiattisak Meeboon, 36, reported that when he arrived to open at 8 a.m., he discovered the coin box was missing. Reviewing CCTV footage, he saw that the thief arrived at 7 a.m., checked to make sure no one was in the booth and then took the coin box containing around 700-800 baht.

Meeboon turned over the clip to the police to assist in the thief’s capture and prosecution. He noted that the thief’s brazen actions in downtown Pattaya, where many tourists and vehicles pass by, were concerning and he feared the thief may commit other offenses.

Another CCTV grab shows the thief peering into the foreign exchange booth just moments before reaching in to steal the money.