Fisherman puts faith in albino bullfrog to bring financial windfall

Suriya compares his beautiful albino bullfrog with a normal swamp bullfrog.

A Chonburi fisherman stumbled upon a majestic albino bullfrog that he hoped holds a special meaning and will bring him luck and good fortune.
Suriya Saesue, 44, said that on that fateful rain-soaked night May 31, he ventured out to catch fish for his daily sustenance, when in the stillness of the night, he heard an enchanting melody emanating from a pond. Curiosity got the better of him, so he followed the sound, illuminating his path with a flickering beam of light.

At first, he mistook the captivating sight for a floating mushroom, but as he drew nearer, he realized it was a bullfrog of unparalleled beauty, a magnificent white and round creature that defied his senses. Intrigued by its ethereal presence, he resolved to pick it up, believing it held the powers to usher in good fortune.

Neighbours put a coat of flour on the bullfrog’s belly, hoping to unveil hidden messages or lucky numbers.

His neighbours captivated by the bullfrog’s ethereal beauty and its unusual, non-pointed mouth reminiscent of a hippopotamus, gathered to look in awe. Intrigued by the tiny creature, they began coating the bullfrog’s body with flour, hoping to unveil hidden messages or lucky numbers on its belly.

Bolstered by this newfound optimism, Suriya contemplated a daring act of fate. He couldn’t help but wonder if the bullfrog’s dimensions, 5cms wide and 7 cms long held a mystical connection to his own life. He hoped it could provide a clue to a life-changing lottery number.

With the draw scheduled for June 1, 2023, he couldn’t resist the temptation to align the bullfrog’s measurements with his house number, hoping to unveil a magical combination that would unlock the doors of abundance and prosperity. So he bought a lottery ticket with the mystical numbers that the enchanted frog had communicated to him.
We are anxiously waiting for a phone call from Suriya to tell us the good news.

Suriya shows his lottery ticket with the mystical numbers that the enchanted frog had communicated to him.