Fed up with road damage, Thai residents fill potholes with fish

Residents of Huay Kapi Subdistrict prepare to put catfish in the potholes to mock the officials for their negligence.

Fed up with the province’s refusal to repair a pothole-battered road, Chonburi residents turned the holes into fish tanks.

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Ten residents of Huay Kapi Subdistrict on Aug. 20 dropped catfish into a pothole on Soi Huay Kapi 17 near Bangsaen Technical College, 50 km north of Pattaya.

A resident releases catfish into the crater-like pothole.

The road has been damaged for years, with no government agency taking responsibility for repairs.

Many cars and motorcycles have fallen into the hole, resulting in damages.

Choke, a 62-year-old local, said he’s lived on the road for 40 years, many of which have seen the street look like the surface of the moon. He finally said enough was enough.

To bring attention to the sorry state of road affairs, neighbors released fish into the holes, some of which are connected by large fissures that allow them to swim between pockmarks.

Choke said if their fishy protest goes unheeded, they will turn the entire street into one big fish pond.

Locals cast a fishing net over the ‘fishpond’ in mockery of the absolute hopeless and bungling local officials.


Residents have had to endure many years of dirt and danger caused by this pothole-battered road.