Fall prevention and well-being prioritised at senior citizens gathering

Senior citizens are encouraged to stay active, maintain strength and balance, and undergo regular vision checks to prevent the risk of falling.

Pattaya, Thailand – Senior citizens residing in Nongprue municipality, east Pattaya, convened for their monthly gathering on Sept 20, to foster fellowship among members and engage in health and well-being activities.

The event focussed on a series of informative sessions led by medical professionals from Nong Phang Khae Communal Hospital, with a primary focus on fall prevention among the elderly. Falling ranks as a prominent cause of injuries and fatalities among senior citizens, with Thailand recording over 2,000 fall-related deaths annually. The experts emphasized the critical importance of seniors staying active, maintaining strength and balance, and undergoing regular vision checks to mitigate fall risks.

Mayor Winai Inpitak remarked, “We are committed to supporting our senior citizens and enhancing their quality of life in Nongprue. These monthly gatherings epitomize our dedication to nurturing a strong sense of community and crafting a safer environment for our aging population. This event not only imparts valuable information but also strengthens the bonds among our senior citizens, ensuring they relish their golden years in good health and high spirits.”

The event concluded on a vibrant note with a traditional Thai dance session. This lively activity not only promoted flexibility but also contributed to the participants’ physical well-being, adding a touch of cultural enrichment to the gathering.

Mayor Winai Inpitak speaks to the elderly, promising to support them and enhance their quality of life in Nongprue.