Ensuring safety and enjoyment at Pattaya’s scenic Lighthouse landmark



Tourists enjoy the stunning sunset views at the lighthouse landmark near Bali Hai Pier, while others drink alcohol and cast their fishing lines into the sea. Efforts are underway to ensure safety and enhance the visitor experience at this popular spot.


PATTAYA, Thailand – On June 10, a concerned tourist shared an experience that speaks volumes about the dual role of beauty and responsibility in our cherished city of Pattaya. This visitor, who arrived to capture the stunning scenery and sunsets at the lighthouse landmark near Bali Hai Pier at the foot of Phratamnak Hill, raised important safety concerns that merit our attention.

The lighthouse area, known for its breathtaking sunset views, has become a popular spot for both tourists and locals. However, the tourist noted that while enjoying the picturesque surroundings, he observed some activities that could pose risks. Specifically, he wondered about the appropriateness of consuming alcohol, such as beer, at this location and highlighted the safety implications of fishing in such a busy area.

Fishing, an activity enjoyed by many, can inadvertently lead to dangerous situations, particularly in a crowded setting. The tourist’s concern is valid: when casting fishing lines, there is a genuine risk that the hooks might accidentally catch on the heads of tourists walking nearby or those sitting on the edges, absorbing the view. This potential hazard could not only result in physical injuries but also mar the tranquil experience visitors seek.

Given Pattaya’s status as a premier tourist destination, it is crucial that we address these concerns proactively. Ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all visitors should be a top priority. Here are a few steps that could help mitigate these risks:

Installing clear signage that delineates designated fishing zones away from main pedestrian areas can help prevent accidents. Such signs could also indicate whether alcohol consumption is permitted and in what capacity. Launching awareness campaigns to educate both locals and tourists about the potential dangers of fishing in crowded areas and the responsible consumption of alcohol can foster a safer environment.

Increasing the presence of safety personnel during peak hours can help monitor activities and enforce regulations, ensuring that everyone adheres to safety guidelines. Encouraging feedback from tourists and locals alike can provide valuable insights into additional safety measures that could be implemented.

By taking these steps, we can preserve the allure of Pattaya’s scenic spots while ensuring they remain safe for everyone. Addressing these concerns not only enhances the visitor experience but also solidifies Pattaya’s reputation as a destination that prioritizes the well-being of its guests.