Electric car explodes in flames after four-vehicle collision on Pattaya motorway

The MG electric exploded into flames following a four-vehicle collision on Motorway 7. The accident was caused by debris from a detached part of a towed tour bus, triggering a series of crashes.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Debris from a tour bus, fell off while the bus was being towed by a six-wheel truck on Motorway 7, causing multiple crashes, with the last vehicle in the chain of collisions exploding into flames.

Ms. Nachanok Rattanathip, 36, the driver of the MG electric car recounted the incident, saying that she was driving behind the truck towing the broken-down tour bus when parts from the bus flew off, causing the vehicles in front of her to crash. Unable to avoid the debris, her car was hit, triggering a system alert. She managed to pull over, but shortly afterward, the car caught fire. Despite the firefighters’ efforts, the fire reignited, resulting in significant damage to her vehicle.