East Pattaya subdistrict begins anti-rabies push

Mayor Jaraywat Chinnawat observes closely as this feline gets its rabies shot.

Banglamung Subdistrict began its summer campaign to combat rabies by vaccinating pets.

Mayor Jaraywat Chinnawat opened the campaign March 18 at King Taksin Public Park where residents in the subdistrict north of Pattaya could bring their dogs and cats to be vaccinated.

For those unable to bring their pets, the subdistrict allowed them to take vaccine doses home, provided they were carried in opaque, ice-filled containers.

Mobile units will travel around the tiny subdistrict throughout the summer offering free rabies vaccinations.

Vaccine doses are prepared in opaque ice-filled containers to take home for those people unable to bring their pets to the vaccination station.