Once ahead of schedule, Pattaya Bali Hai restrooms now behind

Pattaya Deputy Mayor Pattana Boonsawad and his team inspect the construction site of the new Bali Hai toilets which will now most likely be completed in May or June.

For those waiting for toilets at Bali Hai Pier, you’re going to have to hold it a bit longer.

Pattaya Deputy Mayor Pattana Boonsawad said March 18 that the restroom project is behind schedule due to plumbing running into underground electrical wires and hard soil.

As the government has waived fines against construction companies that deliver projects late, the contractors have no incentive to finish their work on time, Pattana said.

In January, Pattana said the have 32 stalls for men, women and the disabled were actually ahead of schedule and due for completion by the end of April. But the original timetable laid out in December had estimated they would not be done until May or June.

The government has waived fines for delay in delivering projects, so contractors have become complacent and work at their own pace.