East Pattaya gears up for Grand Buddhist Lent Candle Parade

Colourful floats adorned with candles and decorations will pass through the streets of Nongprue during the annual Buddhist Lent Candle Parade, capturing the essence of local traditions and celebrations.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Mayor Winai Inpitak of Nongprue Municipality in East Pattaya is overseeing preparations for the upcoming Buddhist Lent Candle Parade Festival 2024, set to take place on Friday, July 19, at the municipality’s football field. This annual event aims to honour Buddhist Lent Day while celebrating local traditions and cultural heritage.

The Buddhist Lent Candle Parade Festival holds profound cultural and religious significance, marking a pivotal date in the Buddhist calendar. It provides an opportunity for students, residents, and communities to come together in commemoration and celebration.

In alignment with the Prime Minister’s Office directive from July 16, 2018, the festival will observe Buddhist Lent Day as National No Alcohol Day. This initiative underscores the festival’s commitment to promoting cultural values and social responsibility among participants.

Dancers perform traditional Isaan dances during last year’s Grand Buddhist Lent Candle Parade in Nongprue, showcasing cultural vibrancy and community spirit.

Preparations for the festival include organizing participants and arranging a central performance featuring traditional Isaan (north-eastern) dancers. These dancers will showcase their skills on the football field, preceded by comprehensive rehearsals to ensure a seamless and captivating presentation.

Further logistical details cover the parade’s layout, starting points, route, traffic management, and overall event coordination. These efforts are aimed at ensuring a well-organized and successful Buddhist Lent Candle Parade that enriches the cultural fabric of Nongprue Municipality.