Drunk, naked Brit assaults Aussie in Pattaya go-go bar

Police and bar security personnel subdue the drunk, naked and violent Brit who bashed an Ozzie in the head with a beer bottle in the Tahitian Queen go-go bar.

A drunk and naked British man bludgeoned an Australian patron with a beer bottle at Pattaya’s Tahitian Queen go-go bar, putting the older man in the hospital.
The attack occurred at the Beach Road go-go – Pattaya’s oldest, having opened in 1978 – around 10:30 p.m. May 2.

Upon arrival, officers found the unidentified assailant detained by bar customers. Witnesses said the Brit entered TQ nearly naked and extremely drunk, then grabbed a beer bottle and bashed Josef Slezak, 77, in the head without apparent provocation.

The motive for the assault, however, probably stems from the previous night when the Brit was in the bar, this time fully clothed. Tonight, however, he refused any offer of clothing from TQ staff.

Bar patrons and paramedics assisted Slezak with his head wounds before transporting him to a nearby hospital.

Pattaya Police detained the man at a police station and are attempting to identify him as he had no documents on him. The suspect was described as highly uncooperative and continued to threaten law enforcement and others alike.