Drunk brothers go to jail, hospital after Pattaya fight

The unnamed 26-year-old older brother was sent to a hospital with a stab wound.

A drunken fight between brothers sent one sibling to the hospital and another to jail in Pattaya.

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The unidentified brothers brawled Sept. 15 on Soi Khopai. By the time police arrived, the 26-year-old older brother had been sent to a hospital with a stab wound.

The unnamed 22-year-old brother was taken to jail.

Officers arrested the 22-year-old younger brother and fished a 15-centimeter knife out of a sewer.

The younger man did not say what caused the fight, only that, during the argument, the older brother kicked the younger and the 22-year-old fought back with a knife.

He told police there was no intent to seriously injure his sibling, but he was drunk and lost control.

Police watch as the knife is fished out of the sewer.


The offensive weapon can be seen in the sewer.