Drug addict arrested for assault, robbery of disabled Pattaya lotto seller

Drug addict Thanapol Jantamol was taken to the scene of his crime to reenact the violent assault and robbery he committed against a defenseless handicapped lottery seller.

Huay Yai police arrested a drug addict for assaulting and robbing a disabled lottery vendor.

Thanapol Jantamol, 26, was captured at a house in Rayong.

Surachet Srithong, 39, was attacked as he rolled his wheelchair along Highway 36 in Pong Subdistrict Monday. Police said Thanapol confessed he punched Surachet in the face and knocked over his wheelchair, kicking him several times before stealing a bag containing 80 lottery tickets, a cellphone, ATM cards, bank books and a half-baht-weight gold necklace.

Thanapol said he sold the gold necklace and threw away the lottery tickets, as they could be tracked if they won. Thanapol told police he couldn’t remember where he disposed of the tickets. The other stolen items were recovered.

Police said Thanapol has a long rap sheet in Rayong and admitted he robbed the dealer because he needed money for methamphetamines.

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Surachet Srithong a wheelchair-bound disabled lottery seller was brutally assaulted by a drug addict who stole his lottery tickets along with his valuable possessions.