Doberman beaten, tied up, dumped in woods in East Pattaya

A rescue worker cares for the female Doberman who was beaten and tied up by a cruel man before dumping her in the woods to die.

Authorities are hunting a man who beat and tied up a Doberman pinscher and dumped it in the woods to die in Khao Maikaew.

Resident Sunthon Nankratok, 58, called animal rescue officials Feb. 3 after discovering the dog. It had been bludgeoned in the head and its back legs tied with black tape.

Locals removed the taps and gave the female dog water before calling authorities.

Sunthon said, that morning, he had noticed a man around 60 back up his car and park on the roadside. Later that morning, he heard the Doberman’s cries and other dogs barking and went to investigate.