Distressed Japanese man climbs house roof after binge drinking

Pattaya police and paramedics try to persuade Hiromichi Yamagi to come down from his perch on the rooftop of the abandoned house.

Pattaya police and paramedics were summoned to an abandoned house on Thappraya Road in Pattaya where a distressed man had climbed up to the second floor, sitting under the heavy downpour.

The man later identified as Hiromichi Yamagi a Japanese national was in a state of fear and confusion, refusing to let anyone come close to him.

Witnesses told police that Hiromichi had come to drink at a nearby restaurant for the past 4 days. On this day he drank a lot and ran up a bill for 5,840 baht. He started to throw tantrums saying that he could not breathe and asked for an ambulance to take him to the hospital.
He then ran out of the restaurant to the abandoned building and climbed up to the roof.
At first the man refused to talk to police, saying he only wanted to talk to the Japanese embassy.

Police negotiated with him for an hour before he relented and came down from his perch. He had fresh wounds all over his body presumably inflicted when he climbed up the building.
Police escorted him to a safe location where they allowed him to calm down and try to figure out what his concerns were, so they could help him accordingly.

After an hour Hiromichi Yamagi relented and came down to the ground thanking the rescuers for their patience and kindness.