Reckless motorbike driver kills pillion passenger in Pattaya crash

Paramedics give emergency medical treatment to the two men involved in the motorbike crash; the driver survived but the pillion passenger lost his life.

A reckless motorbike driver with no regard for his passenger’s life drove his motorbike at high speed along Wat Boon Kanjanaram Road towards Jomtien Beach when he lost control, slammed into a wall and bounced into an electric pole sending both riders flying into the air before crashing onto the road.

Paramedics arrived almost immediately and tried to save both the men’s lives. They managed to keep alive Supoj Singtien, 42 the driver of the motorbike, but try as they might were no able to save 42-year-old Paitoon Sriprasit, the pillion passenger who succumbed to his injuries.

An eye witness, Santi Taiyanusorn, 46 said he saw the motorbike without any license plates come down from Sukhumvit Highway at breakneck speed heading towards Jomtien Beach, missed a curve, slammed into a wall and bounced back to hit an electric pole.

It was not known whether the two men were wearing crash helmets on their suicidal joyride.