Disabled man, 2 dogs die in Chonburi fire

Firefighters extinguished the flames in an hour but were unable to rescue a disabled man and his two dogs who all perished in the fire.

A disabled man and his two dogs died when fire swept through three Chonburi houses.

The body of Suriya Eimsawad, 52, was found in the bathroom of his Soi Thipsatan home following the Sept. 21 blaze. Two dogs chained up inside the house, unable to escape, also died.

Seven fire trucks from Muang and surrounding districts responded to the fire, which spread to two adjacent houses on the narrow soi in Bang Plasoi Subdistrict. Firefighters spent an hour knocking down the flames.

Muang District Chief Sukon Suwannasaksin said the narrowness of the street, compounded by cars parked on both sides of the street, blocked access by fire trucks, Gusty winds helped spread the fire to adjacent structures.

Residents helped to evacuate many elderly residents away from the fire.

People living in the neighborhood watch in dismay as the house burnt down killing the owner and his two dogs.


Firemen inspect the aftermath of the fire that gutted the wooden house.