Deranged Pattaya man arrested for molesting 12-year-old

Police were finally able to grab Pai and wrestled him to the ground.

Nongprue police arrested a man in Pong sub district for allegedly molesting a 12-year-old neighbor.

Identified only as “Pai”, the 40-something man in Moo 8 village was captured in a sting operation where the girl’s father invited Pai to see his daughter again. The subterfuge became necessary after police failed to arrest him at his home when Pai pulled a knife and threatened officers.

Father of the victim, Kongdej Chaikumthorn, 49, said he awoke Dec. 8 by the sound of his daughter crying. He entered her room to find Pai there holding her.

Relieved neighbors said they believed Pai was unstable and dangerous.

Pattaya police have their ‘erratic criminals’ catching instruments at the ready to capture mentally deranged people.