Dejected woman climbs telephone pole over financial dispute

Rescue workers ascend the telecommunications tower in a delicate operation to convince Mrs. Piew to safely descend from her precarious position.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Tension gripped the vicinity of Uncle Harn’s rented room in Bo Win Subdistrict in east Pattaya on April 1 as a distressed woman scaled a telephone signal pole in a bid for attention.

Prasit (last name withheld), 56, the woman’s husband, identified her as Mrs. Piew, 58. He disclosed that the incident unfolded after he returned from work in the evening, when a dispute arose over financial matters. Mrs. Piew sought assistance to settle her debts, which Prasit declined to provide. Feeling dejected, she resorted to climbing the pole to draw attention to her plight.

Bystanders were disappointed that it took over three hours for various rescue agencies to mobilize and reach the scene. Eventually, rescue personnel and firefighters ascended the pole to persuade Mrs. Piew to descend safely. Following her return to the ground, authorities mediated to facilitate understanding between both parties.