Deadbeat Pattaya tenant leaves pitbulls behind to prevent eviction

The two pitbulls are left unattended in the rented house for days on end, barking and snarling at anyone who tries to enter the premises.

An absent tenant behind on his rent ensured he wouldn’t be evicted by leaving two angry pitbulls in his Pattaya-area house.

Landlady Thongjinda Kumhuan, 49, went to the media Nov. 27 to complain about the unidentified tenant in her Nongprue rental house.

Originally, she said, a couple rented the house in Ngamcharoen Village together, but then broke up. The man remained with two dogs.

Lately, however, he’s rarely at the house and hasn’t paid rent for three months, Thongjinda said. But no one can enter the house because of the two snarling, barking pitbulls.

Thongjinda wants her deadbeat tenant out and is worried about the health of the dogs. She didn’t say why she didn’t just call police, saying only she wants someone to help her.

Landlady Thongjinda Kumhuan said that the tenant is rarely at the house and hasn’t paid rent for 3 months.

The two hapless pitbulls are left to fend for themselves in an unclean and unhygienic house.