Covid-19 deals knockout to Pattaya Muay Thai store

Pattaya Muay Thai boxing shop owner Adisak Piemchan sells vegetables and drip coffee to make ends meet during the pandemic.

Covid-19 dealt a knockout blow to a central Pattaya Muay Thai boxing shop, which has turned to selling vegetables and coffee to compensate for the loss of sales to foreign tourists.

Shopkeeper Adisak Piemchan said March 26 that most of his sales used to come from tourists who came to Pattaya to train at local Muay Thai camps. When the camps closed for months and Thailand’s borders virtually sealed, 80 percent of his business hit the mat.

customers buy his morning glory, eggplant and Chinese cabbage.

So Adisak decided to start growing vegetables and selling them, along with drip coffee, out of his Soi Arunothai 11 storefront.

Thais have been buying his morning glory, eggplant and Chinese cabbage. He’s also making dishwashing liquid, which he sells for 15 baht a bottle, and coffee at 20 baht a cup.

Adisak said he plans to renovate the front of his store to allow neighbors to sell their homemade products to help the struggling community every Tuesday.

Adisak sells vegetables from his garden.