City engineers remove fake ‘Soi 0’ sign on North Pattaya Road

Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai watches as city workers remove the illegal “Soi 0” sign erected by unknown individuals on North Pattaya Road.

City workers tore down a road sign that renamed a North Pattaya street “Soi 0”.

Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai and traffic engineers inspected the English-language sign on a corner on North Road Nov. 17 with Manote ordering its removal.

The sign marked the entrance to “North Pattaya Soi 0” with a left-turn arrow. The deputy mayor claimed the sign caused confusion and hurt Pattaya’s image, especially for those on the street.

Manote emphasized that the sign was put up illegally by an unknown party and that Pattaya has never had a Soi 0. He said that city authorities will inspect security camera footage to try to identify the fraudsters and bring them in for questioning.