Chonburi man shoots neighbors dead over barking dogs

CCTV footage shows a man, allegedly Jirat Wuthimananon, shooting Yotin Kaewfainok multiple times in anger over a constantly barking dog.

A Chonburi man faces murder and weapons charges after allegedly shooting dead his neighbors over their dogs’ non-stop barking.

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Jirat Wuthimananon, 49, was charged Nov. 11 with two counts of homicide in the Tuesday killing of Yotin Kaewfainok, 39, and his wife Boonyanee, 38, in front of their house in Samet, Muang District.


He’s also charged with illegal gun possession and use after firing more shots wildly at an escaping dog and pedestrians near the house.

Jirat Wuthimananon is charged with two counts of homicide.

Somsak Manyuean, 57, confirmed that Jirat was enraged over incessant barking by the Kaewfainoks’ numerous dogs, which have been an ongoing problem in the neighborhood. Somsak said he hit and killed one of the dogs with his truck accidentally a while back as they were running wild.

Police said Jirat fired 11 shots in the episode, shooting Yotin first, Boonyanee second, then fired more bullets into Yotin for good measure. Then he shot at a dog running down the street and in the direction of people fleeing the area.

The 7-year-old female Thai ridgeback Jirat accuses of non-stop barking.


The illegal weapon used in the attack.