Chonburi governor pursues economic growth amid PM2.5 concerns

Governor Thawatchai (right) meets with high ranking government and military officials, fostering meaningful connections and dialogue at the forum on economic growth and community development.

CHONBURI, Thailand – Governor Thawatchai Srithong, presided over the 5th Chonburi Provincial Forum, at the 14th Military Circle Queen’s Guard Camp in Chonburi on February 21. The event, graced by dignitaries, notable attendees, and heads of government agencies, marked a significant milestone in the province’s pursuit of economic growth and community development.

Governor Thawatchai shared exciting news about a recent triathlon competition held in Saensuk Subdistrict. The event attracted athletes and tourists who extended their stay in Chonburi for a minimum of five days. This influx of visitors significantly boosted the income of local businesses, particularly in the vibrant Pattaya area. The strategic alignment of sports and tourism proved to be a robust economic stimulus, fostering community well-being.

Chonburi Province remains committed to environmental responsibility. The issue of PM2.5, fine particle pollution, has been a pressing concern. In response, a concerted campaign has been launched to raise awareness and encourage collaboration among stakeholders. The focus is on educating the public, especially farmers, to reduce agricultural and waste burning practices. By tackling the root cause, the province aims to improve air quality and safeguard the health of its residents.

As March approaches, Chonburi Province gears up for meaningful initiatives. The upcoming “Wan Ruam Nam Jai” (United in Kindness Day) charity event aims to collect donations from both the public and private sectors. The funds raised will support a range of activities, including aiding the underprivileged, assisting bedridden patients, constructing homes, and providing essential items such as wheelchairs and consumer goods. With an ambitious goal of generating a minimum income of 20 million baht, all organizations are invited to participate in this noble cause.