Chinese New Year celebrated with cultural ceremonies and dragon dances in Pattaya

Golden dragons and lions dance at the ceremony at Pattaya City Hall to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dragon. The performance symbolized auspiciousness and joy for the community.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The city of Pattaya welcomed the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dragon, with a series of cultural ceremonies and dragon-themed decorations on February 10. The celebrations aimed to bring prosperity and good fortune to the community, as well as to showcase the local traditions and heritage.

The festivities began with a sacred ceremony at the front square of Pattaya City Hall, where Mayor Poramet Ngamphichet and his team paid respects to the monument of King Taksin the Great, a revered monarch who is regarded as the liberator of Siam.

The ceremony was followed by a lively performance of golden dragons and lions, which symbolized auspiciousness and joy. Mayor Poramet also distributed red envelopes, or Ang Pao to the residents and visitors who attended the event. The red envelopes are a customary gesture of blessing and generosity during the Chinese New Year.

Mayor Poramet Ngamphichet presents an Ang Pao gift to an old lady during the ceremonies at the monument of King Taksin the Great outside Pattaya City Hall. The Ang Pao is a red envelope containing money that symbolizes blessing and generosity during the Chinese New Year.

The second event of the day took place at the viewpoint of Khao Pratamnak Hill, also known as Naval Radio Hill, where a statue of Prince Krom Luang Chumporn Khet Udomsak (Admiral Prince Abhakara Kiartivongse), the Father of Royal Thai Navy, stands. The authorities and the public paid homage to the prince, who was a pioneer of naval science and technology in Thailand. The ritual also sought blessings for the city’s well-being and development.

The final event of the day was held at the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation in Naklua, a popular destination for both locals and tourists who seek spiritual guidance and healing. The foundation hosted a sacred ceremony to honour the deities, especially the Jade Emperor, the supreme ruler of heaven in Chinese mythology. The ceremony was attended by a large crowd of devotees who came to pray and make offerings.

Ceremonies were held at the statue of Prince Krom Luang Chumporn Khet Udomsak. The ritual was part of the Chinese New Year celebrations and aimed to honor the prince and seek blessings for the city.

Mayor Poramet expressed his best wishes for happiness, prosperity, and longevity to all residents and visitors of Pattaya, and invited them to enjoy the rich cultural festivities and the enchanting atmosphere of the Chinese New Year. He also highlighted the city’s efforts to promote cultural tourism, as evidenced by the dragon-themed decorations that adorned the city. The dragon lanterns along Walking Street South Pattaya and in the historic Naklua Market area added a touch of charm and elegance to the cityscape, and attracted many visitors who wanted to capture the memorable moments.