Canadian frigate’s visit bolsters security bonds with Thailand

Naval Captain Makapong Daraphan welcomes Cdr. Sam Patchell, commander of the HMCS Ottawa MT 23 and his Canadian contingent to enhance and strengthen security relationships in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Canadian frigate HMCS Ottawa commanded by Cdr. Sam Patchell arrived on September 29 and remained until October 2, at Chuk Samet Port within the Sattahip Naval Base. This visit is part of ongoing efforts to enhance security relationships in the Indo-Pacific region. Port Director Naval Captain Makapong Daraphan welcomed the distinguished guests.

The HMCS Ottawa belongs to the Halifax-class of the Royal Canadian Navy, a distinguished group of 12 frigates known for their effectiveness at sea. Accompanying the frigate is a CH-148 Cyclone helicopter.

Equipped with advanced weaponry and sensors designed for anti-submarine warfare and surface warfare, the HMCS Ottawa manned by a crew of 250 sailors, soldiers, and aviators, demonstrates its capability to operate effectively in various maritime scenarios.