Police crackdown on late-night street racing in east Pattaya

Kids on loud motorbikes hold late-night races on both sides of Highway 36, near the International School, infuriating residents in the area.

On the night of September 30, exasperated residents of Nong Pla Lai in east Pattaya reported to police that a large group of young people engaged in reckless street racing near the International School on Highway 36. The boisterous gathering involved over 100 bikes, showing blatant disregard for safety and caused significant noise disruptions. Some participants even indulged in dangerous stunts.

Despite the attempt by law enforcement officers to disperse the group, their efforts had limited success. Reporters on the scene noted a resurgence of the activities once the police withdrew, indicating a lack of deterrence. Frustrated by the recurring menace, local residents are now demanding more stringent measures and arrests to tackle the persistent street racing issues in the area.

Reports of a gathering involved in motorcycle racing and alcohol consumption near the Pattaya-Rayong Highway prompted police intervention just after midnight on October 1, when officers patrolled vulnerable areas along Highway 36, aiming to ensure community safety and prevent disturbances.

Despite an extensive patrol, no evidence of motorcycle racing or disturbances was found. However, police personnel remained stationed at the highway intersection as a preventive measure. Random checks for illegal substances and weapons were conducted in the area and at Kratinglai Beach, with no legal violations detected.

Brazen motorbike racers were back on the road again after cops warned them against street-racing and had left the area.

Police conduct random checks on motorbikes on the highway and at Kratinglai Beach looking for illegal substances and weapons.