Cambodian deckhand stabs Thai captain at sea

Thai captain, Apisak Kaopong was attacked with a knife by a Cambodian deckhand, who was arrested and taken to the Sattahip police station for further questioning and detention.

PATTAYA, Thailand, Oct 6 – In a heated dispute on board a fishing vessel off the coast of Sattahip, a Cambodian deckhand attacked the Thai captain with a kitchen knife inflicting injuries to his face and hand. As soon the scuffle was brought under control, the crew swiftly steered the vessel back to Samaesarn fishing pier.

Police boarded the “Chokrattanapreeda,” fishing boat to find the captain, Apisak Kaopong, 26, nursing knife wounds to his right temple and right wrist. Though the injuries were deemed non-life-threatening, immediate attention was necessary. The rescue team provided preliminary first aid before transferring Apisak to the 10th Military Circle Hospital in Sattahip.

Lam But, 47, identified as the assailant, was apprehended at the scene. Admitting to his guilt, Lam stated that while the vessel was at sea, he assumed the role of the boat’s pilot. He claimed that while at the wheel, Apisak spoke to him in a rude manner. In a fit of anger, Lam grabbed a kitchen knife and attacked the young captain. Quick intervention by other crew members prevented further harm. Lam quickly threw the weapon overboard. The Cambodian attacker is currently in police custody and will undergo further questioning regarding the incident.