Burglar robs Pattaya guesthouse under nose of sleeping receptionist

A shot from the security camera shows Pimpaka sleeping on the counter as the thief waits for the right moment to steal the basket with the money and gold necklaces.

A burglar robbed a Pattaya guesthouse of 160,000 baht in cash and jewelry right under the nose of a sleeping receptionist.

Pimpaka Haemla, 49, brought security-camera video of the March 17 heist to reporters three days later, hoping someone might recognized the culprit.

Pimpaka admitted she fell asleep while on the overnight shift at the Second Road guesthouse. Before she dozed off, she remembered the suspect pretending to rummage through a trash can outside for recyclables.

When the burglar saw her put her head down on the counter, he came in and cleaned the place out, taking 54,870 baht in cash and the rest of the 160,000 in gold necklaces and rings which was stashed in a basket behind the counter.

The thief walked away with the basket and after stashing the loot in his bag, brought the empty basket back and placed it in the same place he took in from.

The thief is seen walking away with the basket of cash and gold in hand.