Buddhist monastery in Sri Racha desperately appeals for water

Abbot Phra Khru Plad Rangsan Attasaro issues a heartfelt plea for water donations amidst the monastery’s ongoing struggle with scarcity.

SRI RACHA, Thailand – As scorching temperatures and persistent dry weather continue to plague Chonburi Province, Buddhist monasteries are facing a critical water shortage. Among them, the Buddha Nimit Buddhist Monastery in Sriracha district, has raised concerns about its ability to meet essential water needs.

Abbot Phra Khru Plad Rangsan Attasaro revealed the monastery’s struggles, emphasizing that the ongoing drought has severely disrupted their access to sufficient water. The situation affects various activities, including caring for 12 resident monks and animals such as dogs, cats, and chickens. Despite receiving water containers from local donors, the monastery still grapples with meeting daily water requirements.

With existing water tanks depleted due to the lack of rainwater, the monastery now relies on purchasing water at a significant cost. Each tank, priced between 150 to 200 baht, provides only a two-day supply. The financial strain is particularly challenging for the monastery, which operates on limited resources.

Abbot Phra Khru Plad Rangsan urgently appeals to compassionate individuals, especially those with a deep reverence for Buddhism, to contribute water and financial support. Donations can be made directly to the monastery or through online transfers to the designated bank account.

As water scarcity persists at the Buddha Nimit Buddhist Monastery in Sri Racha, caring for 12 resident monks and animals, including dogs, cats, and chickens, becomes increasingly challenging. Despite generous donations each tank of water costs between 150 to 200 baht, providing only a two-day water supply for the monastery’s daily needs.

The water scarcity issue extends beyond religious ceremonies within the monastery. It highlights the broader challenges faced by communities in drought-affected regions. As the drought persists, the monastery seeks solidarity and assistance to ensure a sustainable water supply for its operations and the well-being of its residents.

To support the Buddha Nimit Buddhist Monastery, individuals can: Contact Abbot Phra Khru Plad Rangsan directly at 089-7901314. Contribute online by depositing funds into the Krung Thai Bank, Sriracha Branch, account number 454-004-7272.