Mabprachan Golf Society conquers challenges and celebrates success on Crystal Bay and Pattavia courses

Mark Bromwich, Willem Lasonder, and Steve Sturley pose for a photo after a challenging day at Crystal Bay Golf Course.

The Mabprachan Golf Society ventured unexpectedly to Crystal Bay on Tuesday 16 April, where the A & C loop was in play. Despite some roughness on the tee boxes, the course was generally in good condition, with manageable greens albeit a tad slow. The sweltering and muggy weather persisted, adding to the challenge.

With three groups in play, the day proved demanding for many, reflected in the final tally. However, Willem Lasonder demonstrated remarkable consistency, clinching the top spot with an impressive 40 stable ford points. Steve Sturley secured the runner-up position with 35 points.

Meanwhile, the battle for the spoon unfolded between Mark Bromwich and John Pegrum, with Mark ultimately clinching victory on the count back. John Feeney and Allan Cassin claimed the near pins.
1st Place: Willem Lasonder (Handicap: 30) – 40 points
2nd Place: Steve Sturley (Handicap: 23) – 35 points

Jonathan Pratt, Neil Harvey, and Mark Bromwich smile for the camera, celebrating their golfing achievements amidst tough competition.

The Mabprachan Golf Society returned to their familiar venue on Thursday 18 April, the Pattavia Golf Course. Despite the course maintaining its usual good condition, the greens presented a significant challenge for many players, evident in the scores. The day unfolded under sweltering conditions, with rain narrowly avoiding play completion.

Neil Harvey emerged as the standout performer, navigating the challenges with ease to secure victory with an impressive 40 stable ford points. Jonathan Pratt trailed as the runner-up with 34 points. The battle for the spoon saw a repeat showdown between Mark Bromwich and Steve Sturley, with Steve ultimately claiming the dubious honour.

Following the game, the society gathered to celebrate Paddy’s birthday, enjoying a delightful spread courtesy of Don. Near pins were claimed by Neil Harvey and Allan Cassin.
1st Place: Neil Harvey (Handicap: 25) – 40 points
2nd Place: Jonathan Pratt (Handicap: 11) – 34 points

Despite the challenges posed by the weather and course conditions, the Mabprachan Golf Society displayed resilience and camaraderie throughout both rounds, making for another memorable week on the greens.