British assault victim files charges against brutal Pattaya bar guards

Pol. Col. Navin Theerawit (3rd right), Superintendent of Pattaya City Police, speaks to Bryce, one of the three victims brutally assaulted by security guards on Pattaya Soi 6. Bryce filed a formal complaint with investigators against the security guards.

PATTAYA, Thailand – Pattaya Police have tracked down the British tourists involved in a brutal assault by security guards at an establishment on Soi Pattaya 6 on the evening of May 24. The incident captured on video, sparked widespread criticism and severely damaged the city’s image. The police have now had the tourists provide statements and file additional charges against the security guards.

Five days after the incident, Pol. Col. Navin Theerawit, Superintendent of Pattaya City Police, instructed investigation teams from both the Pattaya City Police and the Pattaya Tourist Police to locate the victims. They successfully found Mr. Bryce, a 42-year-old British national, and his British friend, who appeared in the video. The third individual had already travelled to Bangkok.

Bryce, who sustained bruises on his face and head and abrasions on his body, informed the police that the incident occurred on his birthday. He and his two friends had gone to the establishment around noon to celebrate. A dispute over the drink bill escalated into a physical altercation, leading to the violent incident captured in the video.

After providing his statement, Bryce filed a formal complaint with the investigators against the security guards. His friend, however, chose not to file a complaint out of concern for his safety in Pattaya. The investigators charged the guards with operating as unlicensed security personnel, which carries a penalty of up to three months in prison, a fine of up to 5,000 baht, or both. Additional charges of physical assault are also being pursued.

It was further revealed that the group of guards involved in the incident were self-organized and untrained by any official company or agency, nor were they officially employed by any establishment. This contravenes government policies, and the police are continuing their investigation into the group. Any further violations will result in additional charges.

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