Brit injured and arrested in Pattaya pickup truck crash

British national John Curi, and his wife stand next to the flipped over pickup truck after it lost control and crashed into a utility pole in east Pattaya on November 30. Mr. Curi, who was driving under the influence of alcohol, suffered injuries and was arrested by the police.

PATTAYA, Thailand – A British national, identified as Mr. John Curi, aged 60, found himself injured and under arrest following a pickup truck collision with a utility pole in the Nongprue Sub-district of east Pattaya on November 30.

The incident occurred on a poorly lit road, where the Toyota Revo pickup truck driven by Mr. Curi collided with a utility pole, causing severe damage to both the vehicle and the pole. Local rescue teams swiftly responded to the scene to find Mr. Curi trapped inside the wreckage. Using specialized equipment, they successfully extricated him.

Upon examination, Mr. Curi was found to have sustained injuries, including head trauma and a laceration to his mouth. Notably, he was also discovered to be under the influence of alcohol. Despite on-site medical assistance being offered, Mr. Curi declined transportation to the hospital.

Subsequently, police took him into custody, conducting a preliminary alcohol level test. According to statements from Mr. Curi’s wife, the accident occurred as he was returning home after a social gathering. Legal consequences are anticipated as Mr. Curi is expected to face charges for driving under the influence.