Bike racers still terrorizing South Pattaya

Middle Eastern bikers continue to be a nuisance and a hazard to people living in Soi Yen Sabai and Soi Sunee in South Pattaya with their noisy motorbikes.

Middle Eastern bikers continued to annoy their South Pattaya neighbors on a street police twice have promised to watch more closely.

About 10 young motorbike racers blocked off Soi Yensabai and Soi Sunee July 14, revving their engines and racing up and down the street.

When police did show up, the bikers escaped down side streets or parked their bikes at Middle Eastern restaurants and pretended they weren’t involved.

One owner of two bikes was detained.

A problem for years in South Pattaya, the young bikers terrorized Soi Yensabai at the end of June, as they’ve been doing since 2015. Police promised to crack down on them, but to no effect.

Pattaya police arrested the owner of two motorbikes that were involved in the rowdy ruckus in South Pattaya.