Big truck stuck in small tunnel at Bira Circuit Pattaya

The freight truck found out the hard way that his 2.8 meter truck does not fit into a 2.7 meter tunnel at Bira Circuit Pattaya.

A freight truck driver learned the hard way that a motorcycle tunnel at Bira International Circuit is for bikes, not trucks.

The unidentified driver – who normally works as a mechanic at the Pattaya racetrack – volunteered to drive a truckload of equipment as the normal driver was out.

He jumped behind the wheel, however, without checking which route to take and was unfamiliar with the tunnel. Only when he drove the 2.8-meter-tall truck into the 2.7-meter-tall tunnel did he realize his mistake.

A Sawangboriboon Thammasatan Pattaya Foundation work crew tried to cut the roof, but gave up after an hour. So they obtained a tractor and pulled the truck out the way it came in.

A worker tries to cut the roof down to size, but that didn’t go too well, so he gave up after an hour.

The Sawangboriboon Thammasatan Pattaya Foundation rescue team finally got a tractor to pull the truck out the way it came in.