Big buses unleash traffic nightmare in Pattaya

Gridlock on Jomtien Beach Road: A massive bus becomes the epicenter of traffic chaos, disrupting the serene views with frustration-inducing congestion.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The serene beauty of Jomtien Beach was shattered on Sunday, January 14, as buses, notably a large one, wreaked havoc on the road, causing frustration for both locals and tourists.

The trouble began when the bus blocked the road, triggering traffic snarls and headaches for commuters. Smaller vehicle drivers faced mounting frustration as navigating through the congested road became a daunting task.

The situation worsened when a smaller vehicle compounded the issue by parking in a way that intensified the congestion. Despite attempts to maneuver around the obstacles, the larger bus remained stationary, creating quite a disruption.

Residents and visitors expressed discontent, noting that such incidents were becoming increasingly common, particularly in Pattaya’s inner areas. The lack of adherence to traffic rules only exacerbated the congested roads, contributing to a tense atmosphere.

Concerned citizens are now advocating for improved organization and regulation of bus traffic entering the city. They propose designated bus parking areas to streamline transportation and reduce traffic jams. They suggested hiring smaller vehicles to transport tourists from bus parking areas into town. This not only could boost income for local residents but also enhance accessibility in the area. Locals also recommend implementing a vehicle rotation system to ease congestion and enhance overall traffic flow.

Pattaya grapples with severe traffic congestion across various routes, particularly during peak tourist seasons and events. The issue is compounded by the absence of traffic police and the presence of too many baht-buses blocking streets while awaiting customers.

Despite Pattaya experiencing a tourism boom in its post-pandemic recovery, heavy traffic continues to dampen the spirits of both residents and visitors. The community is urging authorities to take proactive measures to address the issue and improve Pattaya’s traffic situation.