Berserk American injures family, wrecks Pattaya home in violent outburst

Pattaya police utilize hooked rods to subdue Connor Michael Murphy after he went berserk, violently injuring his family and causing destruction in his east Pattaya home.

PATTAYA, Thailand – An American national and YouTuber with over 2.4 million followers, Connor Michael Murphy, 30, caused panic and chaos inside his residence in Garden Ville Village, east Pattaya, on May 1, as he went berserk, injuring his wife and causing extensive property damage.

Police responded to the scene to find Murphy exhibiting signs of confusion, shouting incoherently, and vandalizing property inside the house. Bloodstains adorned the walls, with a bloodied golf club lying nearby, indicative of the violence that had unfolded. Murphy himself sustained injuries, including lacerations from shattered glass on his abdomen.

His girlfriend, Miss Kanittha, 20, and her 16-year-old sister bore the brunt of the attack, suffering bruises and injuries from being assaulted with the golf club and flying glass. They managed to call for help from neighbours and friends before barricading themselves and escaping through a window before authorities arrived.

Murphy sustained lacerations on his abdomen, during the violent outburst. Kanittha and her 16-year-old sister suffered multiple bruises and injuries from being assaulted with the golf club and flying glass shards.

Police cordoned off the premises and attempted to negotiate with Murphy, who had bolted himself in the bathroom. Eventually, with the help of friends and officials, he surrendered, albeit with injuries, and was provided preliminary medical treatment before being transported to the hospital.

Kanittha recounted the terrifying ordeal, stating that she was awoken by the sound of shattered glass and witnessed Murphy in a frenzied state, speaking unintelligibly and covered in blood. He then attacked them before fleeing into a room, leaving them bewildered as to the cause of his outburst.

Anchulee Suandee, 55, a neighbour, bravely sought assistance upon witnessing the distressing situation, as Murphy’s friends claimed his actions were merely part of a content creation endeavour. The investigation into the incident continues as authorities work to uncover the motive behind Murphy’s violent outburst, highlighting the importance of timely intervention in cases of domestic disturbance involving foreign nationals.