Bedridden Swiss woman abandoned by son in Pattaya appeals for help

Susan the 80-year-old bed-ridden Swiss national was abandoned by her son who has gone back to Switzerland and doesn’t send any money for her caretaker anymore.

The caretaker for an 80-year-old Swiss woman appealed for help from welfare organizations after the expat’s son disappeared three months ago and hasn’t paid her.

Somjit Wailom, 51, said she has been caring for the Swiss woman identified only as Susan for about a year. She came here with her son, but he moved back to Switzerland three years ago, leaving her here.

Until three months ago, the son paid Somjit 10,000 baht a month to care for Susan, who is bedridden, at her home in Huay Yai’s Moo 2 village. But no one has been able to reach him since and no salary has been paid for months.

Somjit said she and Susan now are in dire financial straits.

Liza Hamilton, chairwoman of the Jomtien-Pattaya Business Operators Club, and staff from her Liza Guest House visited Susan and Somjit Feb. 21 to lend help and provide necessaries, such as dried food, drinking water, milk and adult diapers.

Liza Hamilton and her staff brought food and other necessities for Susan an 80-year-old bedridden Swiss national.

Somjit Wailom has been caring for Susan for about a year. But now they are in dire financial straits and depend on help from the community.